Blakey's Brake and Air-Con Services are experts at brake, clutch, suspension, alignment and air-con repairs. We provide repair services to passenger cars, trucks and agricultural equipment, and we have over 30 years of industry experience in these services.


Blakey's Brake and Air-Con Services are Mareeba's brake specialists, handling repairs and services on a daily basis.
Your car or truck brakes are very complicated systems, incorporating a number of components. These include calipers, drums, rotors and discs - just some of the products we service and repair.


Our team uses and supplies the Exedy range of clutch products. Our range includes clutch components for trucks, agricultural equipment, 4x4 and passenger vehicles.
A soft, shuddering or noisy clutch should warn you it is time for it to be checked, as there may be issues with one of the components. It could be something as simple as a broken spring, or more complicated such as a worn disc. If you notice any change in the behaviour of your clutch, be sure to contact us to have it checked.
Our vast experience with clutch repairs has seen us work on vehicles of all sizes, so you can rest assured we can quickly and expertly fit any new clutch or clutch components.


You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about your suspension, meanwhile it's working away to ensure a smooth ride. Your suspension not only supports the weight of your vehicle, but also controls the alignment of your wheels, thus affecting the direction of your car.
At Blakey's Brake and Air-Con Services, we supply and fit suspension equipment to cars, utes and trucks. The suspension system is made up of struts, springs, shock absorbers and tyres. Your shock absorbers and struts control the movement and load on your tyres, while the springs support the weight of your vehicle.
If one of these components is not working correctly, it can reduce stopping time and increase vehicle sway. Speak to our team about having your suspension checked, we can repair worn parts and get you back on the road quickly.


Steering wheel vibration, steering to one side and uneven tyre wearing are all signs of alignment problems. Many handling problems are easily corrected with a wheel alignment and tyre pressure check.
Our state of the art alignment system can align wheels on all types of vehicles with either front wheel drive or independent rear suspension. Our machine caters to both older and new model cars. Following an alignment, you can be sure all four wheels will be parallel, and your steering has been correctly centred.
A wheel alignment will have your car delivering a smooth and comfortable ride in no time, so speak to the team at Blakey's Brake and Air-Con Services about your alignment today.
Blakey's Brake and Air-Con Services stocks a large range of spare parts to supply to the general public, automotive industry and trucking sector.
We have a wide-range supply of brake, clutch, suspension and air-conditioning spare parts to carry out repairs in all of these areas.
If you are looking for a specialised spare part, be sure to check with our workshop for supplies. We can easily source specialised parts for your repair job as well.